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Please see /about to learn more about our global network of member firms. CompassDroneprovides high accuracy products for customers who are looking for more than just aerial photography. Volumetric analysis is carried out from the point cloud to determine the volume of dirt that has moved, the volume of dirt in any given area including stockpiles and the volume of dirt that needs to be moved to complete the projects. All of this data is made available in simple reports or can be exported for everyone to see in both the field or the office. The P4 RTK is extremely versatile, with a simple workflow to get accurate repeatable results every time while being affordably priced.

SkyFundis a venture capital firm that invests in drone startup companies. They’re backed by DJI and Accel, and fund UAV entrepreneurs across a variety of application, hardware, peripheral and services categories. Their workflow management tools are used by a majority of North American geospatial production shops.

What are drone solutions

Utilizing the best technology available helps ensure that we can equip our clients with the business intelligence that they need to improve their… By Andrew Maximow, Chief Drone Officer In the first blog of our Guide to Drone Series, we discussed the criteria Firmatek uses to select drone/UAV platforms. In this article, we take a closer look at specific use-cases and the types of data they provide…. By Lauren Elmore, President of Firmatek As many industries are adopting drone technology across their entire organizations, it is important to learn from our collective successes, mistakes, and key findings.

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To truly take full control of a dangerous drone situation, the key is taking control of the drone itself, and staying in control throughout the incident. Whether you’re monitoring the condition of commercial rooftops, inspecting a set of wind turbines, or maintaining the health of a solar facility, better track, survey, inspect, and manage your assets with DroneBase Insights. Airobotics has made a high-end, complex technology accessible and intuitive to users, allowing us to achieve amazing things in ways we have never even imagined possible. Airobotics has developed a platform that is fully automated, industrial grade, on-demand and multi-purpose. Aerial photos can be simply spectacular, especially photos captured by a St. Augustine drone… Drone technology is drastically changing the face of engineering mapping, measurement, and modeling.

What are drone solutions

Our clients have access to information and consulting services in our DronSolution Academy, provided by our professional drone team, our drone consultants, or our foreign partners, if necessary. Drone consultants are our local experts who are professionals from the economic sector and administration, specialised in specific areas of drone techniques and technologies. Our foreign experts are professionals who are employed in the companies of our foreign partners, and they are also specialised in specific fields of application of drone techniques and technologies. Given the fact that the local market has not yet been introduced to the global effects of the drone revolution, we offer free initial expert advice to our potential individual clients, companies, and institutions across all industries.

Fixed wing and vertical takeoff and landing platforms can also be used within the AGTEK Drone workflow. Insurance companies use drones to conduct roof damage inspections, post-disaster inspections, and fraud monitoring. Provide more comprehensive inspections and faster claims processing with drones. Provide more comprehensive security and keep teams safe with aerial imaging.


Most often, when an individual or a group decides to build an in-house solution, the common idea is to purchase a drone intended for consumer use. By design, these drones are only capable of capturing minimal photos and videos. DroneUp provides end-to-end aerial data solutions by matching your requirements with drone pilot services. Their patent-pending, in-app platform locates, qualifies & deploys single pilot or multi-pilot crews to your job for efficient, safe and reliable deliverables. Trimble Stratus is a drone data platform that helps aggregates operations use drones to map, measure, and share accurate information about their worksites and assets. Some applications included topographic surveys, volumetric calculations, and site measurement.

Historically, many UAV applications were developed in the military as spy or reconnaissance vehicles used during wartime. However, the development of this type of aircraft has evolved towards commercial, civil and consumer spaces, including professional videography, surveying, construction, inspection, traffic management and last mile delivery. Other lower-profile uses for drone services include firefighting and police use, as well as other kinds of domestic surveillance. However, with a fully-managed commercial drone provider, all the technology and services are integrated into one platform creating a seamless experience between capturing, processing, sharing, and analyzing the data.

It features eight distinct commercial tracks for different industrial applications, as well as an international exhibition hall attended by drone manufacturers from around the world. DroneDeployoffers powerful cloud-based drone software that’s compatible with any drone. It allows you to map and create 3D models and analyze and share the data right from your device. They focus on automating workflow by supporting the importation of more than 70 different UAV log file types.

Heven Drones Launches A Full Turnkey Robotic Solution With Land And Air Integration

BFD Systems was launched in 2017, and the company hit the ground running. They are experts in the R&D and payload integration elements of custom drones. Freefly is the inventor of the Movi Gimbal Stabilizer, and they’ve also been responsible forpulling surfers via drones (coolness factor through the roof for that!).

  • Each operation can be very different, so we ensure that the equipment we use is optimally suitable for your specific project.
  • We also provide advanced classroom and flight training for established drone programs looking to advance their knowledge and capabilities.
  • To provide better business value, drone service providers will need to focus on the accuracy of data processing and analysis as well as issues related to managing enormous data sets and data governance.
  • A 14 year veteran firefighter that has been operating drones for over 8 years.
  • Blockchain is most famous for its cryptocurrency applications, but data centers can employ it for a variety of business-related …

The use of Drone and UAV-based platforms in the aerial imaging market is increasing rapidly, and remote sensing is becoming a preferred method for collecting qualitative aerial data. On top of that, if users select the SAMS-T with the Raptor drone, they’ll have access to the tethered/free-flight hybrid configuration. The docking station can also recharge drones automatically, taking minutes for a full charging cycle, and equips four cameras for 360-degree situational awareness around the deployment site. Freesky, the software used together with DNEST, makes it easy to plan and execute drone operations. Users can set up an electronic fence to make sure the drone only flies within a certain area, preset a flight plan, and then run it automatically, from takeoff to landing, where the drone recharges automatically.

Transform Your Site Data Into Powerful Insights

A course designed to help drone pilots capture the important images and data for aerial roof inspection operations. Key elements to successfully deploying drones in construction are the drone itself, the flight planning and data collection process. Straightforward AGTEK software workflows turn the individual images into orthoimagery and point clouds are combined with simple methods to align and validate results. The insurance and loss adjusting industry relies, more than ever, on the quality of data captured from site inspections to provide crucial evidence to support damage assessments.

InterDrone is one of the biggest drone conferences in the world, and it’s growing every year. In 2017 they won an award for being one of the fastest-growing conferences in any industry. The conference features workshops, panels, sessions, industry keynotes special events, and a huge exhibition hall. In 2017 they were the first drone racing organization to hose a drone race live on broadcast television—the race appeared on CBS News.

The drone platform is one of the best for use on construction sites, since Trimble has been serving the construction industry with workflow solutions since 1978. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California and launched Stratus in 2017. AirMap’s cutting-edge technology transforms airspace below 500 feet to provide accurate, reliable, and trustworthy low-altitude navigational data and communication tools to the drone industry. AirMap collaborates with industry leaders such as Intel, senseFly, and others, sharing their data in the flying apps those companies provide. Skyward is a flight operations management platform designed for drone operators. Their platform can be used for “solopreneurs” to plan and track flights for their drone services, and also for large teams to coordinate efforts.

What are drone solutions

With everyone working from the same, current survey data the local coordinates are consistent and result in tighter plans, more accurate estimates, and on target budgets. D-Fend Solutions’ effective counter-drone strategic approach employs drone risk analysis, assessment and prioritization which considers drone prevalence, payload capacity, and flying range distance. EnforceAir automatically executes cyber drone detection and takeover mitigation of rogue drones for safe landings and outcomes, empowering security agencies and professionals with control while preserving operational continuity. The Solar platform simplifies operations at scale, leveraging the largest global network of UAV and manned aircraft operators to deliver high-resolution imagery, thermal data, and reliable analysis. More than 5,000 customers trust DroneBase as the go-to resource for their aerial imagery. We provide impressive aerial photos and videos to showcase your property’s value and reach the right buyers worldwide.

Our school professors are highly educated and experienced drone pilots, with a large number of flights, who continuously stay up to date with the development of new methods of training with the help of Drone Software Solutions our foreign partners. Also, the school manager has written his master’s thesis on the topic of drones. Esriis responsible for building ArcGIS, one of the most powerful mapping softwares in the world.

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We work quickly and diligently to arrive at dollar figures that work for everyone, because we’re not satisfied until you are. We’ve grown to take our remotely operated expertise even further, with terrestrial & aquatic Remotely Operated Vehicles . We can now map or inspect dangerous terrain & underwater environments more safely, quickly & cost effectively. Discover other value-adds from introducing drone technology into your workflow, unique to you. We use drone & ROV data to help companies reach new heights…literally. Although the list of drone racing organizations is growing as the sport gains popularity, the three primary contenders in the space right now are the ones listed below.

When drone data is collected in the right way, the results are very detailed, accurate and can be captured with greater ease and safety compared to conventional surveying. It’s difficult to gain all the information you need about a job site from the ground. Today, high-quality drone platforms help ensure building integrity, streamline mapping, surveying, allow easy volume checks, data collection, and more. From the trusted name in insurance risk mitigation, Lowers approaches its drone services with an insurance industry mindset to address the unique needs of insurers, brokers, claims managers, loss adjusters, and insureds. Equipped with a DJI Mavic 2 Zoom, DNEST’s standard version, the D60 , features a modular, light weight, and highly integrated design that is easy to maintain and transport.

AIM also takes advantage of AI algorithms to automatically choose the right robot for each requested job. Additionally, robots use advanced computer vision capabilities to respond safely and effectively to changing conditions in real-time. Finally, the Mobile Hub is a smaller hub that can be deployed ad-hoc at any location when drone services are required. It features an auto-leveling platform (patent-pending) enabling all-terrain usage, including on a boat , and it also recharges drones without the need for a drone operator. Connected to a remote drone operations center, the Mobile Hub allows operators to remotely complete drone operations.

From defining a business case to vendor support and obtaining the necessary waivers before operation, our professionals can help clients navigate a complex regulatory and technology landscape. With rapid advancements in UAS and supporting technologies, our team strikes a balance between innovation, cost, and risk mitigation to best serve our clients’ needs. It’s easy to see why the use of UAVs is expected to skyrocket in the coming years. But to enjoy the benefits of this technology you need technical experts who understand how to apply it. Our talented team of FAA-certified remote pilots and their fleet of highly capable drones are ready to work on your next project. Drones and UAV’s are fast and effective for accurate validation of site conditions, tracking production progress and providing insights into what work needs to be done, and what has been completed.

Whether you are looking to improve your inventory management, track your pit progression, or verify contractor work, Firmatek’s drone solutions make it easy for you to turn your site data into business intelligence. The Dronefly team is here to ensure that you have the best equipment available for your enterprise operations. Dronefly provides practical, tailor-made UAS solutions to organizations to help increase operational safety and efficiency. Click here to contact the Dronefly team for any questions you may have about our product offerings. Flytrexis an Israel-based drone company that’s created the first cloud-connected drone designed for deliveries, as well as a platform to enable drone deliveries aimed at delivery companies or large retailers that want to make deliveries via drones. They are also developing drone hardware tailored for point-to-point or point-to-area delivery.

The platform also provides fleet/equipment management, detailed inspection/maintenance, custom documents/reporting and more. They also provide white label versions for large enterprise operations with enhanced administrative functionality. Vayu Aerospace Corporation is an American drone manufacturer dedicated to designing and building performance unmanned aircraft for sensitive government and enterprise customers.

Data Processing

The AEC Platform enables construction stakeholders to track, map, monitor, and inspect work sites so they can deliver projects on time and under budget. A single source of actionable insights to help you recover revenue, reduce risk, and improve build quality. The Airobotics platform has provided us with a highly effective tool that is cheaper economically and saves us time. With the platform, we can measure in one day what once took multiple days to measure. Large industrial facilities, operators must constantly be aware of on-site activity, equipment and ongoing processes. Designed for simplicity, the software answers the needs of users in real-time.

We are enjoying using the system as we managed to integrate the system for our needs. More comprehensive exploration, planning, and inspection with aerial support. Drones assist in various Government operations and departments, ranging from infrastructure to agriculture and tourism.

Other requirements for operating drones include expertise in geography, model design and capability, the environment, wireless networking and technology and mobile apps and platforms. The Federal Aviation Administration has also been working with industry providers to craft drone-specific mandates that are flexible enough to spur innovation while maintaining public safety and privacy. Easily and quickly capture data for remote inspection and analysis, while reducing operational costs for the assets you insure. Improve risk management claims and accelerate underwriting decisions with drone services that include disaster management, elevation analysis, property inspections, aerial photography, and video capture. Although the use of commercial drones is gaining popularity, the technology’s value will vary widely across industries as use cases develop and grow.

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